Almond Valley


2021 is a very special summer, and we're doing even more than usual to ensure that everyone enjoys a brilliant time. Amongst the trees in Highlander's Wood, we're den-building once again, with sticks, string and other useful things that will stir your imagination and test your constructional skills.

There are also Astounding Discoveries to be made each day, Monday to Friday, with a programme of drop-in craft and discovery activities. These are fun and fascinating for children of all ages, and some are quite interesting for grown-ups too.

There's no additional charge and no need to book in advance. There are morning and afternoon sessions, but you can join and leave as you wish during your visit to Almond Valley. It's all relaxed and informal, and if the weather isn't perfect - we'll be resourceful.

These events have been funded by Museums Galleries Scotland as part of the Scottish Government’s Get into Summer programme, supporting opportunities for children and young people to socialise, play and reconnect this summer.


28th June - 4th July... Make monster bubbles or follow little strings that waft on the wind.

5th July - 11th July... Join in a gentle version of the old miner's game, throwing hoops over pins.

12th July - 18th July... Make fierce or friendly animal masks then chase each other through the woods.

19th July - 25th July...Extract pungent pongs from plants to blend elegant scents and stinky potions.

26th July - 30th July... Take the pliant wands of the willow tree and weave yourself something silly.

2nd August - 6th August... Dress the prettiest tree with things that flash in the sun and jingle in the breeze.

9th August - 13th August... Comb and spin to transform woolly fleece into thread.

16th August - 20th August 2021 ... Create your own secret code and leave hidden messages among the trees.



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