Almond Valley

Meet the Animals

Almond Valley is the only ‘Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST) Accredited Farm Park’ in the whole of central Scotland. We are home to all sorts native rare breed farm animals, ranging in size from the giant Clydesdale Horse to tiny newly hatched chicks.

Most of the residents of the farm are native rare breeds that are part of conservation breeding programmes, but we do have some more unusual and popular farm animals. You will find Reindeer, Clydesdale horses, Shetland ponies, Mini donkeys, Highland cattle, North Ronaldsay sheep, Tamworth pigs, goats of various breeds and all manner of noisy rare breed chickens, ducks and geese.

We are also home to Alpacas, that you can book walking experiences with.

In springtime there are lots of baby animals to see, many of which play a vital part in conserving their breeds, and also chicks will be hatching in their incubators. There are often activities taking place on the farm to be observed and enjoyed, some of which you can join in with. Wings and Whiskers is where you will find the farm’s smaller (but equally noisy) animals. There are patient, sociable rabbits, guinea pigs who are show-offs, budgies and other aviary-dwellers, and many other small creatures including our ferrets and mice.

You can feed our collection of exotic waterfowl by using the feed dispensers around the ponds, but make sure you remember your 20p’s, and you can also feed our chickens in the woods at 50p a time. Seasonal activities take place around the farm, but these can change from season to season, and additional charges may apply to some. If you would like to book an alpaca walk, you can do so by calling 01506 414957.