Almond Valley

Great Journeys by Train and Tractor

Your train awaits at platform one, ready to take you on a incredible journey through swathes of mighty bushes, past herds of noble sheep, and alongside the majestic waters of the mill lade. Ten minutes later you will reach your destination, and shortly after that, return home.

A trip on our narrow-gauge railway might not be considered as one of great railway journeys of the world, but is still great fun. Our little train is pulled by an old diesel that spent its working life in an explosives factory, which hauls a train of little carriages that we converted from old wagons. Trains run at weekends from Easter to September and daily during some holiday periods – return tickets cost £1 per person.

Our trailer rides; hauled by a vintage tractor, runs a simple circuit of the outlying fields and allows you to sit back as the world chugs and shoogles slowly by. These operate at weekends throughout the year (50p per person), and daily through summer holiday periods.