Almond Valley

Charities Pass annual pass available specifically to charities whose principal purpose involves the care to children, families, vulnerable adults, the elderly, or other sectors of society. The objectives of a qualifying charity are likely to include at least one of the following; the relief of poverty, the advancement of health, the relief of those in need.

The pass provides admission for a group of service clients consisting or up to two adults and four children. It may be used by anyone in your organisation in the course of delivery of your services to clients; perhaps by a carer with clients, or by a family group of clients. Each pass costs £400.and can be used once in each day  It provides 12 months admission to Almond Valley, during normal days and hours of opening.

The pass is available to third sector organisations with appropriate charitable status, and to local authority units delivering relevant care services. The pass can only be used in the delivery of services to your clients, and not for personal leisure use by staff.

Please note that during covid restrictions, visits need to be pre-booked and numbers may be limited, and out-of-season opening days and hours may be restricted.

The centre may not open every day during winter months in 2021-22.

  • The pass is not valid for personal use by charity staff and their friends and family
  • The pass should benefit your client group and is not valid for use as a benefit of membership, or other affiliation to an organisation.
  • The pass must be presented on every occassion in order to gain admission.
  • The pass is not valid for out-of-hours events or special functions.

Before completing the form, please study the Frequently Asked Questions at the foot of this page, which outline the conditions of use of your membership.

Application for a Charities Pass

Please complete this form and press "send". We'll check over your application, then telephone you for credit card payment. We hope to get back to your within 48 hours. Contact details will be used in administration of the membership, including the issue of renewal notices, but will not be shared with others.

Nominated Contact for Administrative Purposes

Charities Pass - Frequently Asked Questions

What if we forget to bring the pass?

It's a condition of issue that the pass is shown to gain entry to Almond Valley. If the pass is forgotten, we may require proof of identity or other verification that the pass is being used legitimately. This might lead to a considerable delays and could cause unnecessary embarrassment.

What if we lose the pass?

The person recorded as "Contact for Administrative Purposes" must notify us of the loss in writing and pay £5 for issue of a duplicate card.

Does the pass allow children into soft play for free?

No. The pass only includes those things that are included in a standard admission ticket. It doesn't cover rides, soft play, or other items that are normally subject to an additional charge.

Can staff from the organisation use the pass on their days off?

No, the pass is not for personal use by staff or members. If you require a pass that can be shared between work colleagues without restriction, why not consider a corporate pass.