Almond Valley

Childminder Pass annual pass designed for someone who cares for children in a formal capacity, such as a childminder or a foster parent. The card provides free admission for the person named on the card, accompanied by any children (age 2+) in their care - up to a maximum of six in any visit. The annual pass costs £200 It provides 12 months unlimited admission to Almond Valley, during normal days and hours of opening..

Please note that during covid restrictions, visits need to be pre-booked and numbers may be limited, and out-of-season opening days and hours may be restricted.

The centre may not open every day during winter months in 2021-22.

  • The pass is not transferable and can only be used by the person named on the card, accompanied by any child in their care.
  • The pass must be presented on every occassion in order to gain admission.

The pass covers admission to Almond Valley during normal opening hours, but not cover rides, soft play or any other activities that are not included in the standard admission price.

Application for a Childminder Pass

Please complete this form and press "send". We'll check over your application, then telephone you for credit card payment. We hope to get back to your within 48 hours. Contact details will be used in administration of the membership, including the issue of renewal notices. This information will not be shared with others.

Childminder passes are only available to registered childcare workers, and you may be asked to provide proof of this status. Childminders will be registered with the Care Inspectorate, while foster carers will be approved by agencies registered with the Care Inspectorate, such as a local authority.

I am currently registered with the appropriate authority

Childminder Pass - Frequently Asked Questions

What If I forget my pass?

It's a condition of issue that you show pass to enter Almond Valley. If you forget your pass, we may be able to look up your details on our database, however this can be time-consuming and it would be unfair for those behind you in a queue to have to wait while this takes place. At busy periods you may have to wait some time until we have opportunity to look up your details, and may ask proof of identity. Anyone forgetting to bring their ticket on a regular basis will not be admitted.

What if I lose my pass?

Complete a new application form, provide proof of identity, and a duplicate card can be issued at a cost of £5.

Can a partner or colleague use my pass?

No - the pass can only be used by the individual named on the card. If you require a pass that allows greater flexibility, why not consider the community pass?

Does the pass allow children into soft play for free?

No. The pass only includes those things that included in a standard admission ticket. It doesn't cover rides, soft play, or other items for which there is an additional charge.