Almond Valley

Almond Valley is a brilliant place to enjoy the warm sunny days of the summer holidays, and these's still loads to see and do even when the weather gets a little gray and miserable. To celebrate a super summer, we've a jam-packed programme of fun and activities that will keep everyone happy, smiling and not-at-all bored.

Listen carefully when you explore the woods of Charlesfield. If you hear the gentle tinkly sounds of chimes as the wind blows through the trees, there's likely to be an inky stamper around.  When you find a stamper, make a colourful impression on your trail map. Once you've found every stamper, you've completed your expedition and will be acknowledged as a famous and expert explorer.

Make your home in Highlander's wood. There are branches and twigs, canvas and sticks, and all the other ingredients to make a comfortable wilderness den. Drop by at any time and let the adventure begin. Climb upon the giant throne and crown yourself emperor or empress of the forest.

Every day, you can enjoy a personal introduction to a featured resident of Mill Farm. In gentle talks and hands-on sessions there's chance to meet the featured creature, learn about their personality, their favourite meal, and where they enjoy being tickled.

All sorts of salad crops and other vegetables grow in our gardens and poly-tunnels. Throughout the holidays the tearoom will feature a salad of the week, showcasing the fresh produce in season at that time. Some inventive salads may contain flowers, peapods, and other quirky produce.

You need to be a member of the Friends of Almond Valley to join the garden gang. Quote your membership number and book in for family sessions helping to tend the vegetable plots. Children and their families can spend a couple of happy hours weeding, watering and learning about the wonders of the garden.