Almond Valley

Spooky Happenings and Halloween Fun at Almond Valley

The harvest fields lie empty, trees shed their dead, dry leaves, and the first chills of autumn hint at the rigours of winter to come. It’s a time for reflection on the annual cycle of death and re-birth; of past times, past traditions, and the spirits of those who have passed this way before us.

Throughout the centuries, the ancient stones of Livingston Mill have witnessed great happiness, but also much tragedy. In this season of reflection, and as All-Hallows Eve approaches, unquiet spirits may become unsettled.

Walk through these old places alone as nightfall approaches, and you may gain a growing sense of something other-worldly. There’s a sudden chill and the strange sensation of your hair slowly standing up on end. In the darkness behind you, there’s an unexplained rustling, a sudden sulphurous stench, and a sensation of something unnatural moving quickly towards you, just outside your field of view. You are frozen to the spot by this unseen horror….

Have you entered the underworld? (or perhaps just the goat pen?)

Spooky Happenings

Every day from 7th until 31st October (standard admission charges - no need to book)

Spooky Happenings is a lot of silly spooky fun.

It’s ideal for children of all ages, but may alarm some adults of a nervous disposition. If you’re brave enough, you can follow the Trail of Terror around the site, where you may encounter a friendly skeleton playing the piano, the world’s worse pie shop, strange scenes inside the graveyard, a witch selling multi-vitamins, a hoard of boney millers, and a basement full of monsters. Some with wave hello to you, others will just sit and stare…..probably.

It’s only as scary as you want it to be.

Collect the clues as you explore the trail and once you solve the mystery, you can earn a little reward.

There’s all sorts of spooky crafts to cut-out and colour in the museum, while the tearoom will serve some rather unusual dishes to feed hungry monster hunters and spooky explorers

Spooky Saturday - the all day Halloween Party

Saturday 28th October 10am to 8pm. (standard admission charges - no need to book)

On Spooky Saturday you'll be able to enjoy all the usual fun of Spooky Happening, but can carry on screaming once the sun goes down and into the depths of the night (or at least until 8pm). It's a gently scary occasion ideally suited for families with children aged under 10. From 5pm there's dooking for apples and other traditional Halloween games, additional odd scary crafty things, music for monster dancing, and much more. Outside the tractor and train will set embark on dark journeys, hopefully evading monster and zombie attacks. Special spooky supper-time snacks will be served in the tearoom.

Come dressed to kill, it'll be a scream

Halloween Scream Teas


As twilight falls and Halloween approaches, strange creatures take over the tearoom to prepare monster meals for hungry families. Zombies, night-cats and other unnatural beasts will emerge from the kitchen and stagger to your table bearing cauldrons and urns of odd but strangely tasty food. Lifting the lids, you then share the gruesome contents among your family. Our special three course meal consists of:

  • hot blood and worms
  • warm cheesy grubs and bugs, with spiders and skulls
  • ice cream eyeballs

all washed down with chilled witches brew, complete with floating fingers and sundry surprises.

Once everything’s digested, there’s dooking for apples and other traditional Halloween games, while in the soft play there’s scary sounds and glow-in-the-dark fun. Good children get a goody bag to take home.

Arrive as early as you wish to explore other scariness around the Almond Valley site but be seated by 17.00 for your horrible but hearty meal. You should be on your way home by 19.00. Capacity is limited and tickets must be purchased in advance, costing £12 per person. To book, phone us on 01506 414957 with payment (non-refundable) in full by credit or debit card

A Note for Sensitive Parents

This gentle fun is intended for children aged under eight, accompanied by their families. Adults and children share a wholesome meal of tomato soup, pasta bake, ice cream with fruit squash, all with a few novelty trimmings. No lurid food colourings will be used. Dress up or come as you are – the choice is yours. The other attractions of the Almond Valley site close at 17.00