Almond Valley

Brilliant Birthday Parties

The party package

Birthday parties at Almond Valley are special occasions. You’re left with big smiles and happy memories; we’re left with the tidying-up. Almond Valley parties are very different from hurried affairs offered by many fast food outlets and play centres, and uniquely include:

  • A brightly decorated room that serves as your base for the two hour duration of the party
  • A choice of delicious party food
  • Party badges and tooters
  • Your own exclusive tractor and trailer ride
  • A play session in the Morag’s Meadow soft play

The standard birthday party package costs £10.50 per child, for a minimum of ten children.

The party room can accommodate up to 30 children. No charge is made for adults helping out at the party, but the number of adults should not normally exceed the number of children, and may be further limited by the capacity of the room - we certainly wouldn't recommend more than fifty people in total. If you are planning a big celebration for adults and children, why not consider a "family function" held after hours..

Party details

At weekends, we offer three standard party slots:

  • 10.30 – 12.30 (play session 10.45 – 11.15 and a tractor ride at 12.15)
  • 13.00 – 15.00 (play session 13.15 – 13.45 and a tractor ride at 14.45)
  • 15.30 – 17.30 (play session 17.00 – 17.30 and a tractor ride at 15.45)
  • On Fridays, an after-school party slot is available from 15.30 to 17.30. Other time slots may be considered mid-week

The Simple Spread is included in all party packages, and contains a variety of simple, uncomplicated food ideally suited for young tastebuds. The spread includes:

  • sandwiches on white and brown bread with ham, cheese, jam and chocolate spread fillings
  • mini cocktail sausages
  • crisp-type snacks, normally Pom Bears
  • mini muffins and mini do'nuts
  • jugs of sugar-free orange squash, apple and blackcurrant squash, and water

The spread contains a variety of foods to cater for varied tastes and dietary preferences. We're happy to make minor adjustments to suit specific needs, for example providing only vegetarian sandwich fillings and snacks. Download the allergen information sheet for our party food.

To turn a spread into a feast, there's the option of ordering additional platters of tasty food at modest additional cost including:

  • fruit and veg platters
  • pizza slices
  • mocktail trays
  • ice cream and trimmings

Full details of these can be found on the booking form

Don't forget the grown-ups.

You've also the option of ordering food and drink for the adult helpers

  • flasks of tea and coffee
  • deep-filled sandwich platters
  • traybake nibble platters
  • a big cake

Full details of these can be found on the booking form

Grab a goody bag

Our colourful fabric goody bags, containing a variety of small gifts and sweets, are available at £3 per child. The contents suitable for both boys and girls. There are there are two varieties, one for the under 3's the other for over 3's. Please let us know the breakdown of ages when you confirm final numbers for your party.

Booking your party

Once you’re ready to book, phone us on 01506 414957 (during office hours seven days a week) to check availability, select your desired time and date, and provide credit or debit card details to pay a £50 non-refundable deposit. Next, go to the bookings page, complete all sections of the form, and press "send". We'll then check details and confirm your booking at the earliest opportunity by e-mail.

What else do I need to do?

Please contact us by phone no less than 72 hours before the date of your party and confirm the precise number of guests who will be attending (remember to include the birthday person in this total). We may not be able to accept changes in this number any closer to the party time. If you don't contact us, we'll cater (and charge for) the number estimated on your booking form.

What happens on the day?

Please arrive and report to the reception desk about ten minutes before the start of your party and pay the outstanding balance. You’ll be escorted to your room where we'll will run your timetable of activities before leaving you to enjoy the party. It is unlikely that you will be able to get access to your room any earlier than ten minutes before start time. Your guests will be directed to your party room as they arrive at reception.

Please report to the trailer station and the soft play area at the times indicated on your confirmation slip. You’ll enjoy your own private tractor ride. For parties stating 10.30 and 13.00, you’ll be allocated places within public sessions of the soft play area, although parties starting at 15.30 will enjoy their own private play session. Please remind your guests to bring socks with them, which are required for the soft play session.

With booking parties starting at 15.30, please note that the tearoom closes at 16.30 (so it's best to order refreshments for guests when booking the party), and that the other attractions of Almond Valley close at 17.00, therefore there’s no scope for wandering around the farm after your party. Please ensure that you leave the room promptly to enable us to tidy things up.

Some frequently asked questions about parties

Tell us about the party room?

The party room is yours for a two hour period. It is a cheery private space, measuring about 10m x 5m, separate but close to the tearoom and toilets. There’s a CD player with i-pod dock and a selection of party CD’s.

How soon can I get into the party room?

Because the party room is used throughout the day, you’re unlikely to get access much more than five minutes before the start of the party. We ask that you vacate the room promptly at the end of the party slot. With your consent we may begin tidying up the room close to the end of your party period whilst the partygoers are enjoying their tractor ride.

How is the party room laid out?

All of the children sit around a long central table set out with a place settings (paper placemat, plate, serviette, cup) for each guest. There’s a side table and additional seating for adults helping out with the party. For large parties (more than 25 children) we lay out the food buffet style, with seating along the side of the room

Is there someone with us throughout the party?

No. We’ll show you to the party room, explain the timetable, deliver your birthday food and be ready to greet you at softplay and at the tractor ride, but it is up to you host the party, arrange party games and be the centre of the fun.

Can we decorate, or bring other equipment into the party room?

Unfortunatly there's unlikely to be much time to do anything ambitious, but you can stick up banners or other simple decorations if you wish. Please bring blu-tack, as pins or tape would damage the walls. Please.....; no bubble machines, pinatas, confetti, custard pie fights or anything else that would make excessive mess.

What should party-goers wear?

Normal party finery, but with coats to wrap up well for tractor rides on chilly days. No need for wellies. Children must wear socks in the soft play area

Can we bring in party entertainers?

We’ve absolutely no objection to this, but few find this necessary – there’s so much happening that there’s little time for additional entertainment

Tell us about the soft play area?

The main area of Morag’s Meadow is designed for children aged 3 – 8 years old, with a special section for the under 3’s. Parties bookings will allocated a number of places within public play sessions; only parties starting at 15.30 or later will enjoy exclusive use of the play area. Socks must be worn

Can we explore the farm after the party?

You need to vacate the party promptly but you and your guests are very welcome to stay on and explore all of the attractions of the farm – just ensure that everyone holds on to their party invitation. Note that this is not possible for parties starting at 15.30 or later as the Almond Valley site closes at 17.00.

Tell us about the tractor and trailer rides?

You will enjoy your own exclusive trailer ride – a circuit of the lower paddock lasting about ten minutes. The trailer is a little exposed to the elements, however most children seem to enjoy it regardless of the weather. In the event of very extreme weather, an extended soft play session may be offered in place of the trailer ride.

What can be done to suit those with special dietary requirements?

The "simple spread" menu which forms part of all parties packages, contains both meat and non-meat foods. It can be easily adapted to suit exclusively vegetarian or no-pork parties. We’re happy to discuss any other adjustments, and can normally provide a dairy-free or gluten-free alternative for most items. You can also order additional fruit and veg platters. In circumstances where a child has complex food allergy it is often best if you provide food to suit, but please discuss this with us beforehand.

Can we bring our own food to the party?

We expect you to bring your own birthday cake, and are happy that you bring in food for a child with special food requirements, where this has been discussed and agreed in advance. Other than in such circumstances, we do not permit any other brought in food.

How about cutting the birthday cake?

We’re happy to lend you a cake knife if required, but remember to bring your own serviettes or other wrapping if you plan to hand out slices to take home.

Can adults at the party buy food on the day of the party?

Of course, but our tearoom closes at 16.30 and the range of food may be restricted later in the day. We suggest that it would be far easier to order in advance from our party options menu and have this delivered to your party room.

What if there are more adults than children attending the party?

We make no charge for adults involved in running the party, providing that they don’t exceed the number of children attending the party. Any adults beyond this may be charged at £5.00 per head. If you’re planning a special occasion such as a family get-together which will be attended by both adults and children, we’d be happy to discuss special arrangements for such events to suit your particular requirements, including evening functions.

Can everyone arrive early? - we want to make a big day of it?

In the normal course of events, we would expect the party host to arrive a little while before the party, and for the guests to arrive shortly afterwards. Everyone would go home once the party was over. If you want to provide an especially big day out for your guests and their families, you can purchase "family party passes" that can be issued to your guests along with any invitations. Each pass allow the party guest, plus two adults and a further child, to enter Almond Valley at any time during the day of the party, and to stay as long as they wish once the party finished, (or at least until gates close at 5pm.) "Family Party Passes" are available at £5 each - compared with £24 for a normal family admission ticket. If you'd like to purchase passes, please note this in the "other requirements" section of the booking form.

Can I book a birthday party in person at Almond Valley

Of course, here's a booking form that can be downloaded, printed, and filled out in advance.