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Book a Brilliant Birthday Party

To book your party please check availability then complete this form and press "send". Once this is done, phone us on 01506 414957 during office hours and provide credit or debit card details for payment of a non-refundable £50 deposit. We'll then confirm your booking and post out your receipt. We advise that you wait for this confirmation before making any further arrangements.

The minimum size of party is 10, the maximum 30. The cost of the basic package is £10.50 per child.

Date and Time of Party

The column on the right provides a guide to what times and dates remain available, please phone to check availability before completing this form.

The Birthday Person (or People)

Contact Details of the Party Organiser

We anticipate that the person designated as party organiser will be the sole point of contact in the administration of this booking and will take charge of proceedings on the day of the party.

Party Details

Please provide an estimate of the number of children likely to attend (minimum 10, maximum 30). Please let us know the precise number within three days of the party. No charge is made for adults helping out with the party, but the number of adults should not normally exceed the number of children and, for larger parties, may be further limited by the capacity of the room. If you're planning a big celebration for children and adults, why not consider a Family Function?

Fabulous Food - The Simple Spread

The Simple Spread forms part of all party packages, and contains a variety of simple, uncomplicated food ideally suited for young tastebuds. The spread includes:

  • sandwiches on white and brown bread with ham, cheese, jam and chocolate spread fillings
  • mini cocktail sausages and cheese puff sticks
  • crisp-type snacks, normally Pom Bears
  • mini muffins and mini do'nuts
  • jugs of sugar-free orange squash and water

The spread contains a variety of foods to cater for varied tastes and dietary preferences. We're happy to make minor adjustments to suit specific needs, for example providing only vegetarian sandwich fillings and snacks. Download the allergen information sheet for our party food.

To further customise your menu, you've the option of selecting from a range of additional platters.

Fabulous Food - Optional Platters

Add some colourful platters of tasty nibbles to turn a fine spread into a feast. Platter dishes can be laid out in the centre of the table for sharing, or provided especially for guests who have special dietary requirements.

Fruit and Veg mix @ £7.50 per platter. A tasty mix of carrot and cucumber sticks, halved grapes, raisins, orange segments and cheese portions. Vegetarian and Gluten free.  Each platter serves as least five children

Pizza Slices @ £15 Warm cheese and tomato pizza slices with an extra sprinkling of cheese (also available as gluten-free). Cut into twelve slices

Make your Own Mocktail @ £15 per tray; Add a dollop of sophistication to your birthday party. Serve yourself from our mocktail tray comes with a selection of fruit juices, lemonade, sprinkles, fruit, umbrellas and other accouterments. A tray comes with ten cocktail glasses

Ice Cream Pots @ £1.50 each. Tubs of Mackie's vanilla ice cream with squirty syrup and sprinkles.

Fabulous Food - Optional Catering for Grown-Ups

Tea and Coffee flasks @ £15. A flask of tea plus a flask of coffee, with ten cups

Deep filled sandwiches @ £35. A varied and delicious array of generously filled sandwiches; vegetarian option available. 40 pieces serves 10+

Traybake Nibbles @ £15 A variety of nibble-sized traybake treats. Platters contain about 24 pieces

The Big Cake @ £25 - A great big sponge cake to cut and share. Choice of chocolate fudge, victoria sponge, lemon drizzle, or carrot cake. Serves ten or more. Please note your choice in the Special Requirements box

Optional Goody Bags

Our colourful goody bags, containing a variety of small gifts and sweets, are available at £3 per child. The contents suitable for both boys and girls. There are there are two varieties, one for the under 3's the other for over 3's. Please let us know the breakdown of ages when you confirm final numbers for party.

Any Special Requirements ?

Any special preferences or adjustments to the standard party food? We'll get back to you to confirm what might be possible, and whether this would affect costs.

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