Almond Valley

Meet the Board

Almond Valley's board of trustees are unpaid volunteers who ensure the clear direction and sound governance of the charity. They represent a diverse range of experience and interests,

Bill Percy


Bill led the creation of the Trust while on the board of Livingston Development Corporation, and has served as Almond Valley's Chairman ever since. He has wide experience in business development and operation, most recently in the hospitality sector.

Alex Lusty

Vice Chair

Alex is an experienced financial services leader whose career has included senior customer journey, strategy, change, operations and risk management roles. As a history graduate, former Livingston resident and parent, Alex offers several different perspectives on the Almond Valley mission and experience.

Andrew Miller

Livingston born in the late 60's Andrew has literally lived through the development of the new town. Elected to West Lothian council he has represented Livingston village since 1995. He also has a young family who very much appreciate the Almond Valley Heritage centre..

William McMartin

William is an Chartered Management Accountant with over 20 years experience alongside recently completing an MBA. He relocated to West Lothian in 2006, and now has a young family that regularly visits Almond Valley. He brings a mixture of financial & strategic business experience to the board.

Dom McGuire

Trustee nominated by West Lothian Council

Wayne Simpson

Wayne is an IT Service Operations Manager with over 20 years in the Retail or Financial services industry. Originally from Zimbabwe and now living in Stirlingshire, he brings a vast breadth of experience, as well with being a frequent visitor to Almond Valley with his young family.

Stephen Kirkpatrick

Stephen has been in the design industry for over 30 years and runs design agency Artibrand Ltd. He has worked with a wide variety of heritage and tourism organisations bringing experience of visitor engagement, interaction and interpretation strategy.

Alistair Shaw