Almond Valley

Meet the Animals

Almond Valley is home to all sorts of traditional farm animals, ranging in size from a Clydesdale Horse to a tiny, newly hatched chick.

The residents of the farm change throughout the year, but you’ll normally find horses, ponies, donkeys, cattle (both dairy and highlanders), sheep of many varieties, assorted pigs, very cheeky goats and all manner of noisy chickens, ducks and geese.

In springtime there are lots of baby animals to fed and fussed over, and chicks are hatching in their incubators. Often there are cows to be milked, horses to be groomed and the other work of the farm to be observed and enjoyed.

When they’re not lolluping about on a grassy mound, the Wings and Whiskers building is where you find the farm’s smaller (but equally noisy) animals. There are patient, sociable rabbits, guinea pigs who are show-offs, budgies, other aviary-dwellers, and many other small creatures.